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Winning ESOL-related lesson plans that cover topics including how to use the Yellow Pages and practice of the 'A for Alpha, B for Bravo' spelling alphabet.

ESOL winning lessons

  • Complaining with confidence

    Author: Genevieve White

    Genevieve White’s winning lesson allows students to practise the art of complaining in two entertaining role-plays.

  • ESOL: A for Alpha

    Author: Andrew Drummond

    To present and practice ‘A for Alpha, ‘B for Bravo’ spelling alphabet to help telephone communication

  • ESOL: Alan's story

    Author: Farhat Bhatti

    This lesson prepares students for writing a short text on personal experience through reading and speaking activities.

  • ESOL: Body language

    To provide practice of reading for both general and detailed information, to encourage students to deduce meaning from context, to engage students in a discussion about the topic.

  • ESOL: HIV and AIDS awareness

    Author: Laura Porter

    To raise learners’ awareness of facts relating to HIV and AIDS.

  • ESOL: John and his new house

    Author: Laura Porter

    This is a lesson about how to use the Yellow Pages within the context of household problems.

  • ESOL: Learning styles diagnostic assessment

    Author: Laura Porter

    To assess Entry 1 learners learning styles: visual / auditory / kinaesthetic / independent.

  • ESOL: Work and workplaces

    Author: Andresa Pontes

    To exchange personal information, explore job definitions and practice basic job-related questions.

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