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A selection of winning CLIL-related material including lessons on Pythagoras' theorem and identifying road signs.

CLIL winning lessons

  • CLIL: Earth Hour 2010

    Author: Mateusz Byrski Type: General lesson plan

    This thought-provoking environmental lesson from Mateusz Byrski focuses on ‘Earth Hour’, an initiative created by the WWF which encourages households and businesses to turn off non-essential electrical appliances.

  • CLIL: Making sense of road signs

    Author: Gabriela Grigoroiu Type: General lesson plan

    In this fun, hands-on lesson by Gabriela Grigoroiu, students identify and categorize a variety of road signs and then match them with their corresponding words in English.

  • CLIL: Math and logic: Deduction and speculation

    Author: Yuliya Ivanova Type: General lesson plan

    Yuliya Ivanova's comprehensive lesson is designed to develop and encourage logical thinking. Students complete a number of vocabulary-building activities and then read a puzzling tale which will challenge their ability to deduce and speculate.

  • CLIL: Pythagoras' theorem

    Author: Tereza Benesova Type: General lesson plan

    This varied and fascinating lesson by Tereza Benesova enables students to fully understand Pythagoras’ theorem, solve mathematical problems in English and collaborate effectively in groups.

  • CLIL: Sine and cosine graphs

    Author: Robin Summers Type: General lesson plan

    Robin Summers' excellent 45-minute lesson focuses on the similarities and differences between sine and cosine graphs. Students examine the graphs and write descriptions of them with language guidance from the teacher.

  • CLIL: The senses

    Author: Veronika Zikova Type: General lesson plan

    In Veronika Zikova's two 45-minute lessons, students distinguish the differences between solids, liquids and gas, study ‘phase transition’ and reinforce key vocabulary in various exercises.

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