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Business and ESP

A selection of business and ESP-themed winning lesson plans covering topics that include drafting business letters and practising job interviews.

Business and ESP winning lessons

  • Business: Business phrasal verbs

    Author: Nina Leeke

    Introducing and practising some key phrasal verbs used in the workplace. Talking about the recruitment process, listening for specific information.

  • Business: Job interviews in English

    Author: Matthew Blake

    To provide university-level students with an opportunity to practise job interviews in English using discussion and role play.

  • Business: Workplace dilemma

    Author: Mandeep Locham

    Mandeep Locham’s winning lesson is a modern, interactive method of practising the imperative and common phrasal verbs used in business.

  • ESP: The future of computers?

    Author: Phil Wade

    Phil Wade wins the lesson share competition with a specialist lesson for IT students that profiles the Raspberry Pi pocket computer and covers common IT abbreviations.

  • Speaking: Presenting convincing arguments

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the lesson share competition with a useful lesson on how to formulate convincing arguments and give structured opinions when debating a topic.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    The teen sneaker dealer to the rich and famous

    Author: Marie-Claire Lambert Level: Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Marie-Claire Lambert wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson about business and entrepreneurship.

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