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A vast selection of winning lesson plans on speaking including practice on ordering a pizza, delivering film criticism and speed dating.

Speaking winning lessons

  • Alien trouble

    Author: Balint Gyimesi

    Balint Gyimesi wins the Lesson Share competition with an original speaking lesson designed to improve communication skills.

  • An interview with Daniel Radcliffe

    Author: Colm Boyd

    Colm Boyd wins the Lesson Share competition with this interview-based activity, designed to help teenagers and adults practise writing questions and improve real-life listening.

  • Bon voyage

    Author: Dan Cornford

    Dan Cornford wins the lesson share competition with a lesson on reading and retelling travel anecdotes.

  • Fairyland reloaded

    Author: Bálint Gyimesi

    Bálint Gyimesi wins the Lesson Share competition with this fantasy-themed activity designed to help students improve their communicative competence and acquire vocabulary.

  • Follow-up questions

    Author: Tamzin Berridge

    Tamzin Berridge wins the lesson share competition with a handy lesson designed to help students develop conversations through follow-up questions.

  • Grammar: Prefixes

    Author: Svetlana Urisman

    Svetlana Urisman wins the Lesson Share competition with an engaging board game activity to help students revise word formation using prefixes.

  • Selling a winning idea

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the Lesson Share competition with this marketing-based activity in which students can learn to describe a process, ask and answer questions about a product, and practise being persuasive.

  • Speaking: A round table talk about the environment

    Author: Olga Kapitanova

    To develop speaking skills; to reinforce the vocabulary on the topic; to encourage the students to think over and discuss the problems of the environment.

  • Speaking: Adopt Ivan

    Author: Daniel Barber

    This winning lesson by Daniel Barber gives students practice in offering opinions, agreeing and disagreeing.

  • Speaking: Alien negotiations

    Author: Magnus Coney

    This winning lesson by Magnus Coney incorporates an imaginative role-play to practise the first conditional.

  • Speaking: Animals and endangered species

    Author: Fari Greenaway Type: General lesson plan

    Fari Greenaway proves that animal magic isn't just for kids with a winning upper intermediate lesson that practises animal vocabulary and new verbs of movement.

  • Speaking: Answering awkward questions

    Author: Caroline Entwistle

    Caroline Entwistle wins the Lesson Share competition with a fun academic speaking lesson that equips students preparing for a presentation with some useful phrases for dealing with awkward questions.

  • Speaking: Blackboard baseball

    Author: Skola Montessori

    Students use their textbooks, class notes, previous quizzes, etc. to come up with the questions and answers. Great way to review for mid-term (or semester) exam.

  • Speaking: Blankety Blank

    Author: Robert Weekly

    To practise and reinforce vocabulary of emotions; pronunciation practice.

  • Speaking: Caravan or cruise liner?

    Author: Camilla Mayhew Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Camilla Mayhew wins the Lesson Share competition with this simple but effective idea for students to learn something about their new classmates and teacher.

  • Speaking: Cartoon stories

    Author: Jessica Watson

    Provides practice of: listening, speaking, reading, writing, present tense questions, prepositions of place, present continuous for describing what’s happening now.

  • Speaking: Character adjectives game

    Author: Andrea Zibung

    To improve vocabulary when describing character, especially when dealing with literature; speaking, giving examples, exchanging information, assessment.

  • Speaking: Christmas is coming

    Author: Carme Roig-Papiol

    Board game designed to improve fluency and build vocabulary by encouraging students to speak in small groups.

  • Speaking: Circles of similarity

    Author: Megan Domenichelli

    'Getting to know you' activity to practice agreeing and disagreeing.

  • Speaking: Collaborative story writing

    Author: Jessica Watson

    Students review vocabulary on a chosen topic, write a number of stories collectively, review the use of verb tenses in a narrative, and discuss their choice of tenses, then edit and correct their own and each other’s work.

  • Speaking: Comparing and contrasting

    Author: Bronagh Mc Laughlin and Gabby Hewitt

    A winning lesson by Bronagh Mc Laughlin and Gabby Hewitt to improve learners' ability to compare and contrast cities using comparatives and superlatives.

  • Speaking: Computer vocabulary game

    Author: Tracy Bowens

    A communication activity that combines general speaking with the acquisition of computer terminology.

  • Speaking: Courtroom drama

    Author: Lissy Freewoman

    Lissy Freewoman wins the lesson share competition with a lively lesson designed to teach crime and legal vocabulary. Students discuss crimes and punishments and take part in a mock trial.

  • Speaking: Dictionary bluff

    Author: Jerry Kammer

    A definitions games that involves all four skills.

  • Speaking: Dreams

    Author: Renee La Rue

    To become familiar with definitions, collocations and idioms related to the concept of dreams.

  • Speaking: Drugs

    Author: Chris Speck

    To develop team work, fluency practice, modals, ‘should’ and ‘must’ + 'be'.

  • Speaking: Eavesdropping

    Author: Titus Green

    Titus Green wins the Lesson Share competition with a lesson designed to improve learners’ confidence in extracting the main topic and message when listening to rapid speech.

  • Speaking: Eliciting Columbo style

    Author: Jim Davies

    Teaches a technique that will help high level students get other people to volunteer the vital vocabulary they are dredging for in their overworked minds.

  • Speaking: Film interview

    Author: Shala Dippman

    Students interview each other about their film preferences. Practice includes adjectives describing emotions and -ed and -ing forms.

  • Speaking: First class mingle

    Author: Sue Mellor

    Mingling speaking activity. Students speak to everyone in the class and find out as much information as possible about each other.

  • Speaking: Guessing game

    Author: Natalia Pellati Level: Elementary Type: General lesson plan

    Natalia Pellati presents a guessing game designed to help students practise the present continuous.

  • Speaking: Holiday activities

    Author: Shala Barczewska

    Shala Barczewska wins the competition with a seasonal lesson plan on how to talk about holidays, practising past tenses and third conditionals.

  • Speaking: In search of 'good' British food

    Author: Anna Skalbani

    A lesson plan on British cuisine. Students use the internet to research the culture of British food.

  • Speaking: Interrupting and disagreeing politely

    Author: Simon Mumford Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Simon Mumford wins the Lesson Share competition with this original idea for students to learn to interrupt and disagree politely.

  • Speaking: Inventions

    Author: Paul Charles

    The main objective is speaking fluency, but also comparative and superlative adjectives and modal verbs of speculation (could be, might be…)

  • Speaking: Lateral thinking stories

    Author: Jelena Spasojevic

    An entertaining lesson involving predicting the end of funny stories. Aims to practice Yes/No questions.

  • Speaking: Leadership skills

    Author: Gary Jones

    Gary Jones wins the lesson share competition with an imaginative and interactive lesson on leadership skills.

  • Speaking: Learning styles

    Author: Fari Greenway Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced

    A lesson by Fari Greenway to encourage learners to consider their own and each other’s different learning styles. The lesson can be used to various extents for learners from pre-intermediate upwards. Advanced learners can go on to debate teaching methods and learning styles that they find most effective.

  • Speaking: Love and marriage

    Author: Alex Case

    Vocabulary development and lots of discussion on a topic that everyone likes talking about. Functions include giving advice.

  • Speaking: Making arrangements

    Author: Claire Gibbs

    This winning lesson by Claire Gibbs practises functional language for making plans.

  • Speaking: Making conversation

    Author: Nina Clare

    Develop students’ conversation skills by making appropriate responses and follow-up questions.

  • Speaking: Making offers

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford wins the Lesson Share competition with this lesson for students to practise using I'll for making offers.

  • Speaking: Man and wife

    Author: Alex Case

    To practise a wide range of question forms. To review a variety of tenses depending on the questions, but mainly present simple.

  • Speaking: Mission impossible - secret phrasal verbs

    Author: Maria Sandor

    To use phrasal verbs in context.

  • Speaking: Multiple choice board game

    Author: Valentin Arkov

    A very simple game for practising multiple choice questions.

  • Speaking: Murder in the classroom

    Author: Graine Lavin Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Students take on roles in a murder mystery game and work together to discover the identity and motive of the murderer.

  • Speaking: My perfect partner

    Author: John Grant

    Develop adjectives describing personality and physical characteristics.

  • Speaking: Odd jobs

    Author: Walton Burns

    Walton Burns wins the Lesson Share competition with a fun game that practises asking questions and broadens job-related vocabulary.

  • Speaking: Ordering a pizza

    Author: Chris Speck

    A roleplay lesson for elementary students. Functional language covered: requests, 'Can I have...?', 'I'd like...'. Target vocabulary includes numbers, money and food.

  • Speaking: Paralanguage

    Author: Valentin Arkov

    An interesting lesson on paralanguage: ouch!, sssh!, oops.

  • Speaking: Party animal

    Author: Alex Seward

    Alex Seward wins the lesson share competition with an entertaining lesson designed to teach students figurative language relating to animals. Students discuss different personality traits and mingle at an imaginary party.

  • Speaking: Party, party, party!

    Author: Rachel Lunan Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    A winning lesson plan by Rachel Lunan that will really get students talking, perfect for an end-of-term conversation class.

  • Speaking: Political party time

    Author: Genevieve White

    Genevieve White wins the competition for a second time with a speaking lesson to fuel a political debate.

  • Speaking: Presenting convincing arguments

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the lesson share competition with a useful lesson on how to formulate convincing arguments and give structured opinions when debating a topic.

  • Speaking: Prices

    Author: Anna Kouzevanova

    Anna Kouzevanova wins the lesson share competition with a fun and interactive speaking lesson that practices prices, numbers and currencies.

  • Speaking: Reforming education

    Author: Hall Houston

    A lesson plan about improving educational systems, based on clustering.

  • Speaking: Reported speech

    Author: Fari Greenaway Level: Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Fari Greenaway's winning lesson revises reported speech, introducing a fun mingling activity to help make the structure memorable.

  • Speaking: Sentence structure game

    Author: Zoltan Golcz

    A card game for revising vocabulary, sentence structure and word order.

  • Speaking: Socializing

    Author: Gary Jones

    Gary Jones wins the Lesson Share competition with a fabulous lesson plan to help students practise making small talk.

  • Speaking: Speed-dating

    Author: Jonathan Lewis

    To practise speaking and revise adjectives to describe character; revise question forms.

  • Speaking: St Valentine's board game

    Author: Carme Roig-Papiol

    To improve students’ fluency by speaking in small groups and to build their vocabulary.

  • Speaking: SuDoku lesson

    Author: Jackie McAvoy

    To provide fun and meaningful practice for modals of prediction using a SuDoku puzzle.

  • Speaking: Taboo for English learners

    Author: Eugenia González

    A team game for vocabulary and language functions revision.

  • Speaking: Talking about a friend

    Author: Mark McKinnon

    To practise the use of gerunds when talking about likes or dislikes, e.g. 'I love travelling'. To extend and use adjectives of personality in context, e.g. friendly/unfriendly, talkative/quiet, lazy/hard-working.

  • Speaking: Telling an anecdote

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the Lesson Share competition with an imaginative speaking activity to help students practise telling anecdotes.

  • Speaking: The bargain hunters

    Author: Peter Vahle Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced

    To negotiate the sale of various second-hand and antique items in a market or shop.

  • Speaking: The internet dilemma

    Author: Laura McInerney

    To raise students’ awareness of the dangers of the internet and to think about ways of ensuring their safety when meeting cyber-friends in real life.

  • Speaking: The job interview

    Author: Cherie Vickery Type: General lesson plan

    A fun speaking lesson where students role play a job interview situation.

  • Speaking: The liberation of the garden gnomes

    Author: Peter Vahle

    In this stimulating, fun lesson, students read a text and then debate the topic of garden gnomes.

  • Speaking: The lost property office

    Author: Eugenia Gonzales

    A role play for elementary students. A simple lesson plan for practising questions such as 'What is it made of?', 'How big is it?' etc.

  • Speaking: The Superfreaks

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst rocks our world with an imaginative role-play about a fictional heavy metal band to clinch her third Lesson Share victory.  

  • Speaking: Three Brothers

    Author: Matthew English Type: General lesson plan

    A winning lesson from Matthew English who has used fabulous illustrations as the springboard for a fun lesson on adjectives, comparatives and superlatives.

  • Speaking: Transaction tennis

    Author: Jim Davies

    Describing sports

  • Speaking: Travel and transport

    Author: Fari Greenaway and Lisa Dold

    A winning lesson plan by Fari Greenaway and Lisa Dold, to improve learners' ability to buy tickets for a journey, to practise listening for specific information and to revise transport vocabulary.

  • Speaking: Travel trouble

    Author: Jim Davies

    This board game provides an opportunity for students to practice various functions that have been covered in recent lessons.

  • Speaking: Verbal boxing

    Author: Matt Bryer Type: General lesson plan

    Matt Bryer's winning lesson teaches language useful for debating and allows students to indulge in a (regulated) war of words.

  • Speaking: Weird science

    Author: Paul Ashe

    Introduces and provides fluency practice for character adjectives. This is a good ice-breaker lesson for first classes.

  • Speaking: What's in a name?

    Author: Mary Gravot

    Aims to extend vocabulary and boost confidence. This is an exercise for the first lesson with a new group: a really creative ice-breaker.

  • Speaking: What's your problem?

    Author: Kathryn Courvoisier

    To practise giving advice and suggestions using should and shouldn’t.

  • Speaking: Where would you find…?

    Author: Barbara Wright

    Introductory exercise to familiarize students with the different sections of an English newspaper. Listening and speaking and practice with prepositions.

  • Speaking: Working with pictures

    Author: Jiri Sadek

    Asking questions, listening, making notes, using notes to complete a task.

  • Speaking: Would I lie to you?

    Author: Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor wins the competition with a devious speaking activity that is perfect for a first class.   

  • Talking about the future

    Author: Jessica Rundell

    Jessica Rundell wins the lesson share competition with a lesson on future forms and how to choose the right one in conversation.

  • The blindfold line-graph activity

    Author: Tim Barton

    Tim Barton wins the Lesson Share competition with this sales-themed activity designed to improve students’ knowledge of product performance vocabulary.

  • The five senses of a verb

    Author: Didier Evain

    Kat Law wins the Lesson Share competition with this fun lesson, designed to build confidence and improve fluency through oral practice of different verb forms.

  • The palm reader

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst wins the Lesson Share competition with a fun lesson designed to practise making future predictions.

  • TV and film

    Author: Catherine Zgouras

    Catherine Zgouras wins the Lesson Share competition with this entertainment-based activity in which students can learn about TV and film, and practise irregular verbs and the past simple.

  • What does the colour of your clothes say about you?

    Author: Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk

    Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk wins the Lesson Share competition with this quiz-based activity designed to generate useful vocabulary to describe personality.

  • Young learners: The legend of St Martin

    Author: Andreea Pulpea

    Andreea Pulpea’s winning lesson offers an illuminating way to teach weather-related vocabulary to young learners.

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