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Onestopenglish 15th Birthday Booklet

Celebrate our 15th birthday with a dedicated collection of 10 FREE resources!

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Download our onestopenglish 15th Birthday Booklet as a PDF for a collection of 10 FREE resources to share and use in class. Below you’ll find the full versions of the resources inside the booklet, plus a very special birthday message featuring a few of our favourite onestopenglish authors …

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Business Spotlight

Ready for the future

This lesson, which is based on an article from Business Spotlight magazine, focuses on how students could improve their CVs.

Live from London

ose live from 100x100

Live from London: First impressions Video

Set in Brixton, London, this video lesson includes authentic interviews with Londoners, talking about first impressions. 

Pronunciation skills

Pronunciation skills: What accent should I teach?

ELT Pronunciation expert Adrian Underhill addresses your practical concerns on accents, RP and student identity.

Tech tasks

Tech Tasks: Ten fun projects with Instagram

This instalment of the Tech Tasks series looks at Instagram, exploring how it can be used to help students develop speaking and vocabulary skills inside and outside the classroom.

EAP Shakespeare

EAP Shakespeare: Introducing Shakespeare

In the first lesson of this series, students watch a TED talk and do reading, writing and language exercises using some of Shakespeare’s plays.

ESOL: Absolute beginners

Introduction to Absolute Beginners

Frances Marnie introduces a series of ESOL lesson plans aimed at beginner-level students with little or no previous experience of English. 

First Steps

Digital Literacy

In these articles, Daniel Barber investigates Digital Literacy and its impact on the ELT classroom plus offers tips and ideas for using digital in the classroom.


Amazing world of food: Lesson 1: Where food comes from

In this lesson children identify food that is imported from other countries and describe where imported food comes from and how far it travels to get there. 

MEDO: Buzzword

Macmillan Dictionary BuzzWord: gamification

A lesson plan by Tim Bowen giving tips and suggestions for using the BuzzWord article on gamification in class. Student worksheets include comprehension activities, an exercise on collocations and a focus on words and phrases.

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