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Resources that uncover the mysteries of the solar system. Pupils will learn all about the fundamentals of astronomy with this series of illustrated worksheets on the stars and planets of our solar system, including activities and games from the Science Museum.

Young girl and boy look at a model of the solar system

The sun, the moon, the planets and stars.

Learn about Venus, Pluto, Mars.

How and why the earth rotates ...

... and the length of time it takes.

Inside Planets

  • Space wordsearch

    Staff Room

    Can you find the 20 space words and phrases in the grid?

  • Blast off!

    Staff Room

    Find out what’s shooting through space and then colour the picture in this fun Science Museum activity sheet.

  • Comparing the planets

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the planets while practising vocabulary words such as ‘galaxy’ and ‘satellite’ and using commas and decimal points to write numbers as English speakers do. The worksheet also reinforces comparative adjective such as ‘longer’ and ‘hotter’.

  • Space crossword

    Staff Room

    Pupils fill in the crossword to discover five things you might find in space.

  • The Earth: Rotation and revolution

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan to explore the Earth’s movements and explain why we have day, night and different seasons.

  • The solar system

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the eight planets and other bodies of the solar system through information gap, true/false and card game activities.

  • The solar system: The Earth

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan that teaches about the movement of the Earth in space, as well as the seasons and day and night.

  • The solar system: The moon

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the moon, including its phases and lunar eclipses.

  • The solar system: The Sun and the planets

    Staff Room

    In this lessson plan, pupils learn the names of the planets, their distinguishing characteristics and their order from the Sun.

  • The Sun, the Moon and the Earth

    Staff Room

    A worksheet with a labelling and true/false exercise which teaches the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon and planet Earth and the orbits they travel.

  • What's in space?

    Staff Room

    An activity sheet for children to count the numbers of stars, planets, astronauts and rockets, and then colour the picture.

  • The Earth: Air and water

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan to teach pupils about the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere.

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