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Introduce young learners to musical instruments and the sounds they make. Teach young learners about marvelous, melodic music, including different groups of musical instruments and famous composers, through these activities.

Inside Music

  • Musical instruments: Joaquin Rodrigo

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the different types of musical instruments and one of Spain’s most famous composers, Joaquín Rodrigo.

  • Musical medley

    Staff Room

    The first of these worksheets looks at a number of instruments and questions which would make the highest and lowest sounds? The second worksheet provides answers to this question.

  • Musical instruments and parts of the body

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils match instruments to the part of the body used to play them, and complete sentences to describe pictures of musicians playing. The worksheet features fun illustrations and helps reinforce vocabulary for musical instruments and parts of the body, as well as the present continuous.

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