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Educate your pupils on the seasons and common weather events. Pupils will expand their weather knowledge as well as their vocabulary in this series of fun worksheets, as well as learning how to dress for conditions outside the classroom!

Inside Weather

  • Spain: Climate and mountains

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan with information-gap and mapping exercises on Spain’s different climate types and principal mountain ranges.

  • The weather and the four seasons

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan for pupils to use the present continuous to describe the weather and practise vocabulary for the months, the seasons and clothes.

  • The four seasons

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils assemble a cut-out to revise the seasons and weather vocabulary.

  • Weather and clothes

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan emphasises the influence of weather on the clothes we wear, while reinforcing clothing vocabulary. Activities include a fun drawing exercise to engage pupils’ creativity.

  • Weather crossword

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan where students fit the nine words into the puzzle to learn about thunder, hail and other weather events.

  • Weather symbols

    Staff Room

    This worksheet will reinforce pupils’ familiarity with common weather symbols and strengthen their ability to discuss the weather. Among the activities: pupils match weather symbols to the appropriate adjective and describe the weather in their own town. The teacher’s notes include suggestions for classroom activities to further enhance pupils’ understanding of weather phenomena and symbols.

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