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Information technology

Key terminology and information on computing, past and present. Students learn IT terminology and the history of computing in these useful resources.

Inside Information technology

  • Recognising symbols and abbreviations used in IT

    Staff Room

    This worksheet includes three matching and labelling activities to teach useful verbs and nouns often used when talking about computers e.g. ’cut’, ’copy’, ’paste’, ’screen’, ’printer’, ’keyboard’, etc. as well as the symbols that represent them.

  • Computers: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, a reading text introduces students to the components of a computer and includes a computer diagram to label and a listening exercise narrates the history of computing. Useful phrases for when talking about computers, effective reading and writing tips, vocabulary builder exercises and three project ideas are also included.

  • Inventions

    Staff Room

    Who invented the teabag? When was the paperclip invented? Which invention might you find in a kitchen and a church? This series of activities gets students in teams to find out the answers to these questions while learning all sorts of fascinating facts! A follow-up activity focuses on past tenses used in the inventions texts provided.

  • The right thing

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to discuss some of the problems in the developing world and identify possible solutions.

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