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Business and tourism

Worksheets for budding entrepreneurs to practise their skills. These worksheets tackle social issues in the business world and provide plenty of opportunities for students to build their confidence and hone their speaking skills.

Inside Business and tourism

  • The History of Money

    Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate Staff Room

    Did you know that historians believe the Chinese were the first to use paper money, or that cocoa beans served as currency in ancient Mexico? In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to learn about money, from its earliest forms to the bank cards we use today, including the origin of the word itself.

  • Business: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan deals with different aspects of business: travel, negotiations, buying and selling, advertising, slogans and currency. Role-play dialogue is included, as is a fun collaborative project for the whole ’business class’. Includes tips for effective writing and listening, consolidation and vocabulary builder activities, useful phrases and a listening exercise on making a business phonecall.

  • Tourism: Question Loop Speaking Activity

    Staff Room

    This fun activity can be used at the beginning of a new topic like ’Tourism’ to introduce new material, or the end to revise material already learned.

  • In the city

    Level: Upper intermediate Staff Room

    In this group activity, students learn about India’s capital city and then write a web page to promote the city of their choice.

  • See the world

    Level: Intermediate Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to discuss the potential problems associated with tourism while learning new business vocabulary.

  • Who gets the money

    Level: Pre-intermediate Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, students develop and present a business plan while practising the present tense in future time clauses.

  • Reading: Bar codes

    Author: Katherine Stannett Staff Room

    A worksheet by Katherine Stannett with reading and vocabulary activities on the topic of bar codes and how they work.

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