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Art and architecture

Explore art while learning the language of art. These resources help students to describe art and express their opinions on it while simultaneously learning more about art history.

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  • Impressionism and Monet

    Author: Adrian Tennant Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate Type: General lesson plan Staff Room

    This is a content lesson on the topic of Impressionism and, in particular, Claude Monet. The lesson has an art focus, but is designed to be of interest for students studying general EFL as well.

  • The Turner Prize

    Type: Worksheet Staff Room

    A worksheet with reading and vocabulary activities on the topic of modern art and the history of the Turner Prize.

  • Art and Drawing: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson

    Staff Room

    This fascinating lesson focuses on perspective: students read an illustrated text on perspective in drawing, followed by true/false and vocabulary exercises. A listening exercise focuses on Claude Monet and Impressionism; a writing exercise gets students to recreate a text on the Parthenon. A pairwork collaborative project gets students to describe works of art to each other using useful phrases. Includes effective writing and reading tips, teacher’s notes and an answer key.

  • Art gallery

    Through this ’spot the difference’ exercise, students will learn key art history terms.

  • Buying and selling

    Staff Room

    In this role-playing exercise, students practise their reading, listening and speaking skills.

  • Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring Webquest

    Staff Room

    Explore Johannes Vermeer’s enigmatic painting in this multi-faceted webquest. Includes comprehension and gap-fill activities on the painting, book, film, even the science and culture of pearls. Concludes with a class project on versions of artistic works.

  • Reading: Gaudí

    Author: Katherine Stannett Staff Room

    A worksheet with reading and comprehension activities on the life of the architect Gaudí.

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