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The CLIL Debate: How the audience at IATEFL voted

Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the CLIL Debate at IATEFL in Cardiff. Here are the results of the vote!

During the debate the audience were asked to participate using Activexpression voting tools which allowed each member of the audience to have their say. Here are the results.

Anchor Point:1The debate started with the statement: CLIL Complements English Language Teaching. This statement was also put to the audience at the end of the debate.

Anchor Point:2The audience were then asked for their view on whether CLIL signals the end of EFL as IATEFL has known it.

Anchor Point:3The next proposition was CLIL is the way forwards for English Language Teaching.

Anchor Point:4Finally the audience were asked to consider the first statement again: CLIL Complements English Language Teaching, had their views altered during the debate?

It was interesting to see a move to more people 'strongly agreeing' with the proposition that CLIL Complements English Language Teaching by the end of the debate. There were slightly more of the audience who did not feel that CLIL would change EFL as IATEF L had known it, however, nearly 57% of the audience did agree that CLIL was the way forwards for English Language teaching.

The results of our online poll on onestopclil and onestopenglish were as follows:

Complement 80%
Compromise 20%

Complement 85%
Compromise 15%

If you weren't at the debate or didn't take part in the poll you can still let us know what you think in the discussion forum.

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