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The CLIL Debate

Join in the CLIL debate: CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?

Macmillan Education in association with Guardian Weekly, Onestopclil and Onestopenglish were delighted to host the 2009 CLIL Debate at the International IATEFL conference on April 2nd. The debate was a great success and continues online here on Onestopclil so it's not too late to have your say.         

The Debate: CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?
Four years after the 'Learning English or Learning in English' IATEFL landmark CLIL debate, we reconvene in 2009 to ask if experience shows that CLIL is a catalyst for success or a threat which undermines English language teaching. Does it supercharge or short-circuit the TEFL engine?

The Debate at IATEFL

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The CLIL teacher's perspective

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Inside the CLIL Debate

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