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Find out about CLIL events around the world including information on a call for particpation in CLIL 2010: In Pursuit of Excellence. This major bi-annual CLIL event is organized by Universities of Eichstatt (Germany) and Jyväskylä (Finland), in conjunction with CCN (Lifelong Learning Programme).

Do let us know if there are any CLIL or ELT events coming up in your part of the world which you would like to see covered in this section by contacting us.

Upcoming CLIL Events

Comenius Course: Good CLIL Materials (session 1)
When: 9-13 May, 2011
Where: Rovaniemi, Finland       

Course information:
FI-2011-095-002 | Comenius / Grundtvig course catalogue
Registration/pre-course survey
Course brochure (pdf)

Comenius Course: Good CLIL practice - Looking for commonalities
13-17 June, 2011
Where: Galway, Ireland

Course information:
FI-2011-096-001 | Comenius / Grundtvig course catalogue
Registration/pre-course survey
Course brochure (pdf)

Comenius Course: Successful CLIL Practice
When: 4-8 July, 2011
Where: Almada, Portugal

Course information:
FI-2011-097-001 | Comenius / Grundtvig course catalogue       
Registration/pre-course survey
Course brochure (pdf)

Comenius Course: Outdoor CLIL (for class teachers and P.E. teachers)
When: 1-5 August, 2011
Where: Gwent, Wales, UK  

Course information:
FI-2011-098-001 | Comenius / Grundtvig course catalogue
Registration/pre-course survey
Course brochure (pdf)

Past CLIL Events

NALDIC 18th annual conference: Language Education for a Changing World: The European Dimension
13 November, 2010
Where: King’s College, London
What: NALDIC’s 18th annual conference is part of a collaboration between NALDIC and the EU-funded Comenius Project, 'European Core Curriculum for Mainstreamed Second Language Teacher Education'. Keynote speakers include Constant Leung from King's College and Hans Joachim Roth from the University of Cologne. There will also be a rich and full programme of practical workshops from:

  • Helen Abji, NALDIC, and Carrie Cable, Open University: Working with other adults
  • Tony Cline, University College London: EAL, SEN and Inclusion
  • Jean Conteh, University of Leeds: EAL additional experience in a PGCE Primary course
  • Dianne Excell, Feversham College Bradford: Promoting language and content in the English curriculum
  • Maggie Gravelle, University of Greenwich: Primary EAL and National Curriculum Subjects
  • Sara Green, RBKC: Integrating the teaching of language and content in the curriculum for EAL learners
  • Paul Nancarrow: Teaching Shakespeare's language with Advanced Bilingual Learners at KS3/4
  • Manny Vazquez and Andy Harvey, Hounslow Language Service: Using Key Visuals

Further information and the booking form are available from the NALDIC

2010 CLIL Symposium: addressing challenges of the 21st century school
24-25 September, 2010
Where: Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia.
What: The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Universidad de La Sabana, the Language Institute at Universidad del Norte and Pearson Longman invite you to submit a proposal (research reports, workshops, model lessons, poster sessions, & student showcases) that covers one of the following main topics:

  • Pedagogical change in CLIL
  • Reflective CLIL practice
  • Innovative CLIL solutions
  • Curriculum development

Conference website:
Contact email:

CLIL 2010: In Pursuit of Excellence
Uncovering CLIL Quality by CLIL Practitioners
Evidencing CLIL Quality by CLIL Researchers

When: 30 September-2 October, 2010
Where: Eichstatt, Germany
Who: Organized by Universities of Eichstatt (Germany) and Jyväskylä (Finland), in conjunction with CCN (Lifelong Learning Programme).

Conference website:
Contacts for informal enquiry:

Oliver Meyer, University of Eichstatt, Germany
+49 8421 93 1138
David Marsh, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
+358 14 260 3653

Past CLIL Events

CLIL Training Course in the UK: Education for Sustainability for English Language Teachers
20-26 June, 2010
Where: Shrewsbury, England
What: This course aims to give an understanding of how unsustainable our planet is, provide training on how to teach sustainable development through English and focus on upgrading language and building specific vocabulary.
Who: The course is for any teachers at school, vocational, and adult education levels. There will be a maximum of 15 people on the course.
Conference website:

CLIL Training Course in the UK: Content and Language Integrated Learning and Education for Sustainability
13-19 June, 2010

Where: Shrewsbury, England
What: This course aims to give an understanding of how unsustainable our planet is, provide training on how to teach sustainable development through English both during language and specific subject classes and give a greater experience of the English language in teaching and in everyday contexts.
Who: The course is for any teachers at school, vocational, and adult education levels. There will be a maximum of 15 people on the course.
Conference website: 

Schools for the Future Europe – 3rd annual ETEE conference
3-4 June
Rewley House, Oxford

The 2010 ETEE Europa Conference is designed to stimulate debate on the shape of a multilingual European curriculum for schools. The conference is bringing together experts in linguistic, educational and sociological perspectives on what it means to be educated as a European. Working discussions will centre on how these perspectives can be operationalised in schooling and on wider school levels in the UK and Europe. This includes, of course, teacher education and CPD. Dr Shirley Lawes will contribute her experiences in bilingual teacher training.

A detailed programme is available at

£115 for 3rd & 4th June, including dinner and lunch. 3rd June only: £30, and 4th June only: £90. Student discounts available. For further information:

On-line registration is at:

The English Trust for European Education (ETEE) focuses on European bilingual learning across the whole age-range of the school curriculum. This is especially pertinent for schools and HE institutions engaged in research and implementation of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in the UK and across Europe. As the European School Culham OXON evolves into a UK state academy, ETEE is keenly interested in how the best of EU “European” multilingual schooling can be identified and amalgamated within a national curriculum setting.

The 4th International Conference of LKPA organized by Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers (LKPA), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)
21-22 May, 2010
What: The conference aims to rally around language teachers working in different educational institutions in Lithuania and abroad,
professionals, stakeholders and language policy makers to discuss important issues in language learning, teaching and research to exchange ideas and view points.
Where: Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Vytautas Magnus University (VDU)
Deadline: Authors are invited to submit abstracts of approx. 300 words before 15 February, 2010.
Conference website:

International Congress of Educational Research
29 April-2 May, 2010
Where: Antalya, Turkey
Who: Sponsored by Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, the International Association of Educators, European Research Association and the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry. The theme of II. International Congress of Educational Research Association is "Social Entrepreneurship, Democratic Participation and Educational Research". Papers, presentations, and workshops are invited.
Conference website:

International Association of Technical English Trainers (IATET) event day will feature eight 15-minute presentations followed by a 15-minute Q and A session with the audience in the room and online chat.
When: Saturday 28 November, 2009, 09.30-17.00
Where: ISD GmbH, Alexanderstr. 42, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany,
Online participation: free of charge for members and non-members. Online participation of future IATET events will be for members only. Sign up at
Contact: Cornelia or Paul  

Integrated Language, Integrated Curriculum - NALDIC 17th Annual Conference
14 November, 2009
Where: The Agriculture Building, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, England
Who: The conference will consider first and second language development opportunities and practice within the curriculum, meshing together strands related to English language development and the development of languages other than English

25-26 September, 2009
Where: Department of Teacher Education, University of Turku, Finland
Who: language and content teachers, teacher educators, researchers, textbook writers, administrators, students and student teachers
Extended deadline for proposals: August 31, 2009
Deadline for registrations: August 31, 2009
Conference website:

Perspectives in Bilingualism: Current Views and Trends
23-25 April 2009
Where: Universidad de La Salle, Sede Chapinero, Bogota, Colombia 
The association between universities in Bogota, a group of British publishers, the Centro Colombo Americano, ASOCOPI and the British Council.
Contact: Maria Adelaida Escobar
T:  + 57(1) 325 9117

Colloquium on Semi-Immersion in Catalonia - International Round Table (TRI) on CLIL programmes
28-29 April, 2009
Where: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Campus Bellaterra, Spain
Who: The CLIL-SI collaboration team, the research group GREIP and the Institute of Education Sciences of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with the support of the Department of Teaching Language and Literature of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia invite you to present: papers, workshops and posters on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Proposals should not be longer than 500 words (references are not necessary). Deadline: 10 December 2008.
Further information and registration at:

CLIL 3rd Brazilian Bilingual Schools Conference
1-3 May, 2009
Where: Escola Cidade Jardin, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Who: Escola Cidade Jardim/PlayPen
Plenary speakers: Dr Jim Cummins, Dr Anne Pakir, Dr Ofelia Garcia and Dr Enrique Hammel

Round Table: Bilingual Immersion: Models, Pedagogical Principals & Practices

For more information:

Symposium on Content and Language Integrated Learning
When: 8-9 May, 2009
Where: Facultad de Letras / Letren Fakultatea, Paseo de la Universidad, 5/Unibertsitatearen Ibilbidea, 5, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Who: REAL (Research in English Applied Linguistics),
Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Ingeles eta Aleman Filologia Saila/Dpto. de Filología Inglesa y Alemana
This symposium is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, lecturers, university students and researchers interested in CLIL. The symposium will be held entirely in English, but it intends to cater for all those interested in L2 or foreign language acquisition, as the issues dealt with should be applicable to any L2.
Download the symposium programme and registration form.

Content-Based Instruction for Young Learners: Breaking Through Traditional Boundaries
8-10 July, 2009
Where: Maceió, Brazil
Who: Jointly organized by IATEFL YLT Sig and SYSTEMIC, Maceió. Plenary speakers: Dr Roy Lyster, McGill University; David Marsh, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; Sandie Mourão, Freelance
Call for papers. Deadline for applications is 31st March 2009.

CLIL TESOL Arabia: 15thAnnual Conference and Exhibition
English in Learning: Learning in English

When:12-14 March, 2009
Where: Dubai, J.W. Marriott Hotel
Who: Organised by TESOL Arabia
'This year's conference will be aimed not only at English specialists but also all those who are interested in the delivery of content courses in English. Therefore, content teachers, as well as teachers of English, are encouraged to attend and participate in the conference much more than before. To promote this we have created the dedicated CLIL strand of presentations running throughout the conference.'

For further information, including details on submitting proposals:

The British Council and IATEFL YL SIG and LT SIG 
Innovations in Teaching Children & Teenagers
23-25 March, 2009. Sessions will take place 09.15-18.30
Where: Centro Congressi FAST, p.le R Morandi 2,20121 Milan, Italy
Who: The British Council and IATEFL Young Learners and Learning Technologies SIG
Keynote speakers:

  • Graham Stanley - Learning Technologies
  • Richard Johnstone - CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou   - Testing & Assessment

Other speakers include: Keith Kelly and Susan Holden

IATEFL Member 108 GBP
Non-IATEFL Member 118 GBP

43rd Annual IATEFL Conference and Exhibition
  31 March-4 April, 2009
Where: Cardiff, City Hall and Museum, Wales
Who: IATEFL; plenary speakers: Claudia Ferradas (Argentina), Bonny Norton (Canada), Marc Prensky (USA), Fauzia Shamim (Pakistan), Elana Shohamy (Israel)

'The conference will bring together ELT professionals from around the world to discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas. The conference programme will offer many opportunities for professional contact and development. It involves a four-day programme of over 300 talks, poster presentations, workshops, panel discussions and symposiums. It also gives delegates a chance to meet leading theorists and writers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of ELT, as well as enabling them to see the latest ELT publications and services in the resources exhibition.'

For delegates with an interest in CLIL: The 2009 CLIL Debate - CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?
Pre-conference event 'Integrating Pronunciation in CLIL Education' - Tuesday 31 March
Exploring content-rich material for CLIL and non-CLIL contexts - Wednesday 1 April
CLIL symposium - Saturday 4 April

For further information, including details on speaker proposals and scholarship applications:
Contact: +44(0)1227 824430, or

Key to Successful Content and Language Integrated Learning in Primary Schools
3-4 April, 2009
Where: University of Education, Weingarten, Germany
Who: Organised by the Department of English

The conference takes place in the framework of the EU-project 'ProCLIL - Providing Guidelines for CLIL Implementation in Primary and Pre-Primary Education'. It deals with the question of which conditions are needed for successful content and language learning in CLIL lessons. Different sections, such as implementation, methodology, language acquisition, lesson examples and teaching materials take a careful look into this question.

For further details, including registration forms:

Other national and international conferences for teachers:
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

The Association for Science Education (ASE) Annual Conference:
informing, invigorating and inspiring

When: 8-10 January, 2009
Where: University of Reading
Getting practical: making science teaching come alive!

A number of CLIL seminars and meetings are regularly posted to the Europees Platform, Holland:

It's also a good idea to keep an idea on the Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database:

VII Jornadas Internacionales de Educación Plurilingüe
(VII International Conference about Plurilingual Education)
El Reto de la Competencia Plurilingüe en el Nuevo Currículo.
(Plurilingual Competence and the New Currículum: A Challenge)
Jueves, 29 de Enero de 2009
(Thursday, 29th January 2009)

"The power of multilingual education"

20 February, 2009. 10 - 6 pm
Where: Asentamiento Universitario San Martín de los Andes. Pasaje de la Paz 235. San Martín de los Andes
Who: Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de la Zona Andina y Línea Sur time: (APIZALS - Río Negro)
CLIL - content and language for integrated learning - in which pupils learn a subject through the medium of a foreign language, is the approach at teaching languages favoured by the European Community and designed within the Common European Framework for Languages, which in turn establishes parameters for international examinations, such as FCE, CAE or TKT.
We'll consider the theoretical background of a teaching approach that favors "learning by construction rather than learning by instruction" and will also discuss together practical examples for the primary and secondary school classroom.

Sponsored by Universidad Nacional del Comahue and NILE.

Coordinators: Laura Renart - Gabriela Tavella
e-mail: or
Phone numbers: 02972- 428514 / 02972- 425-482/ 02972- 427-618 (AUSMA)/ 02944- 15-646582

Content and Language Integrated Learning for Computer Science: Using a Foreign Language in Online Higher Education
Conference, CLIL Methodology in University Instruction: Online and in the Classroom
When: 13-14 February, 2009
Who: Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Information Science and Technology Institute, Ministery of University and Research
Where: University of Urbino, Italy

For further information:

The 1st International Conference on Languages for Specific Purposes 
7-8 February, 2009
Where: University of Crete (UoC)
'This fresh initiative, the work of a team of vibrant, experienced teachers of L.S.P. at the UoC, promises to be an inspiring weekend full of plenary sessions, workshops and discussion.
This conference is designed for any teacher or researcher who is interested in raising the bar in the fields of L.S.P. and Language for Academic Purposes, and who relishes the idea of examining and discussing the latest theory and research and its application to the modern-day classroom.'
Find out more at

VII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION: "The challenge of plurilingual competence in the new curriculum"
29-30 January 2009
Where: Basque - Fondacion Gaztelueta Euskalduna Congress Centre
What: A two-day conference with leading speakers from Europe

Registration forms can be downloaded from the site:

Programa de las VII Jornadas Internacionales de Educación Plurilingüe
29 y 30 de Enero de 2009
Where: el Palacio Euskalduna de Bilbao
Sponsored by: Fundación Gaztelueta

  • Competencia en lenguas extranjeras. ¿Hacia donde debemos ir?.
  • Comparación entre políticas lingüísticas en diferentes países europeos.
  • CLIL en el área de las Ciencias Sociales.
  • CLIL en el área de las Ciencias Naturales.
  • CLIL Cascade Network. A European Project.
  • Evaluación de programas AICLE en el País Vasco.
  • Experiencias de CLIL en Primaria y Secundaria.
  • Experiencias de CLIL en la Universidad.

For more information, including a schedule and list of speakers:

Thinking outside the Box: Current Approaches and Future Trends in English Language Education

What:   18th annual IATEFL-Hungary Conference
When:  3-5 October, 2008
Balatonfüred, Hungary

'The last three decades in ELT have produced a variety of methods and approaches that have been espoused with various degrees of enthusiasm and success - but how much closer are we to really knowing what makes a successful learner... and a successful teacher? What have we learnt over this period, and how should we approach the future?'

For further information:
Contact: Rita Szabó, e-mail:

We care, we share - we're the ELT world
Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) International Conference
When and where: 17-19 October 2008, Karachi; 21-22 October 2008, Multan and Abbottabad; 24-26 October 2008, Islamabad and Lahore

'The conference will provide:

  • Concise but high quality inputs in ELT practices and research.
  • Advice and guidance from some of the leading experts for fresh entrants in the ELT field.
  • New teaching ideas for experienced teachers.'

For further information:

Contact: +92 (0)21 5214531, e-mail

2008 International Conference on Primary English in China
When:  18-20 October, 2008
Where: Beijing, China
Who: Organised by the Chinese Basic Foreign Language Education Research and Training Centre (China BFLE), International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), Young Learners Special Interest Group (YL SIG), and Cultural and Educational Section of the British Embassy; co-organised by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press - Basic English Education Publishing

'What are the issues facing the young learner teacher in ELT contexts? How can we make effective practice come alive for young learners? The what, why and how of effective, dynamic practice in the ESL environment will be explored from different perspectives. By the end of the event, all participants will have considered various forms of effective and dynamic practice and will have had the opportunity to explore and discuss ideas and strategies for teaching in their classrooms.'

For more information:

Contact: Wendy Arnold, Niki Joseph,

Seminario nazionale di formazione e aggiornamento
Autorizzazione ministeriale concessa
When: 20-21 Ottobre, 2008
Where: Centro Congressi Pandurera, Via XXV Aprile, Cento (Ferrara) 
Motivi & MotivAzioni per apprendere e insegnare le lingue

For more information:

12th International INGED ELT Conference, Turkey
  23-25 October, 2008
Where: Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey
Who: Ingilizce Egitimi Dernegi English Language Education Association, an IATEFL Associate and TOEFL Affiliate
For more information:

Contact: Suzan Oniz, INGED Editor, Middle East Technical University, Department of Basic English, Ankara 06531, Turkey;

CLIL Fusion: Multilingual Mindsets in a Multicultural World
Building quality learning communities
   International CLIL conference
When:  24-25 October, 2008
Where: Tallinn, Estonia - the Hotel Olümpia
Who:    Organised by the European CLIL Cascade Network (CCN), The Estonian Language Immersion Centre, and The University of Jyväskylä (Finland).  


  • successful CLIL learning communities in action (expected and unexpected success factors)
  • uncovering CLIL methodology (spot-lighting good practice)
  • learning and neuro-science (supporting learning in CLIL by applying new insights)
  • inclusion and mainstreaming of CLIL (widening access and scope)
  • intercultural dialogue (responding to cultural diversity in the classroom)'

For further information and registration details:

CLIL Responding to a Changing World
What:   The 16th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference
When:  25-26 October, 2008
Where: Seoul

'Topics include:

  • Content-based instruction
  • Global English English for specific purpose
  • Technology-enhanced instruction
  • Genre studies
  • Facilitating learning in the classroom
  • Internet English
  • Intercultural communication
  • Global issues for language learning
  • Innovative methodologies and approaches
  • 21st century learning preferences/styles'

For more information:

Understanding Language, Cognition and Language Learners
What:   NYS TESOL 2008 Conference
When:  November 14, 2008: Teachers' Institute; November 15, 2008: Conference
Where: Buffalo, New York

For more information:

Best Practice in TEFL
   Egypt TESOL Ninth Annual Convention
When:  21-22 November, 2008
Where: Cairo Sheraton Hotel and Towers Giza, Egypt

For information on travel and accommodation: Mariam Ghazala,

Perspectives on Teaching Pronunciation: Where theory meets practice
  IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group (SIG) event, Turkey
When:  21 November, 2008
Where: Bilkent University School of English Language, Ankara, Turkey
'The event aims to provide opportunities for teachers, trainers, educators and researchers to further explore the following:

  • The place of pronunciation in language teaching today
  • Approaches and methods in teaching pronunciation
  • Identifying and dealing with learner pronunciation problems.
  • Practical activities for raising awareness and practicing sounds, stress and intonation
  • Designing materials and activities to teach pronunciation
  • How teachers can manage their own development in pronunciation'

For more information:


Inside CLIL events

  • CLIL Fusion 2008 - Latest Photos!

    View the latest photos from the hugely successful international CLIL conference held in Tallinn, Estonia in October 2008.

  • CLIL Fusion 2008 - Conference Presentations Available

    Some of the CLIL 2008 conference presentations have been uploaded to the Estonian Language Immersion Centre's website. As sending the presentations was voluntary not all the presentations from the conference will be found on the site. However the site will be updated if and when more presentations are sent. If you presented at the CLIL ...

  • 2010 CLIL Symposium in Chía, Colombia

    Type: Article

    2010 CLIL Symposium: addressing challenges of the 21st century school When: September 24-25 Where: Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia. What: The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Universidad de La Sabana, the Language Institute at Universidad del Norte and Pearson Longman invite you to submit a proposal (research reports, workshops, model lessons, poster sessions, & student ...

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