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Keith's Corner: Entry 15: Houses at Anglia School

In Keith’s fifteenth diary entry, the kids have Houses week at Anglia School! Amongst other things, they talk about the different places people live in around the globe, as well as the materials used for construction.

Gonna’ Build a House

We spent time identifying all of the main parts of a house and then we sang about them. All the children, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers, at Anglia School love to sing along with the Tweenies to the action song Gonna Build a House. One other song the kids enjoyed hearing was Peter Weatherall’s House Song.

These songs gave our kids confidence when naming the different parts of the house, especially when we constructed our own milk carton and cardboard houses.

Places to Live Across the Globe

During Houses week, we learned about the different places people live in around the world.

Thanks to the wonderful book Let’s Build a House by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom, the kids now know of some of the building-blocks real-life houses are built with, as well as the way houses look around the world!

Another book we read, based on this week’s theme was Home by Alex Smith. This is a wonderful book about the difference between a house and a home. It stars three friends who get in a fight and decide to take their house apart. One is left with the door, another one with the floor, and the last one with the walls. As they all go their separate ways, they find that the parts of the house they like best just don’t do on their own. In the end they all realize how to use what they’ve got to make a home, and live happily ever after… in a house with wheels! We took turns retelling this story: It has definitely become an Anglia School favourite!

Making Houses

Working on creative activities is necessary for building self-esteem. Toward the end of the week we awarded the kids with Anglia School Architect badges, based on the lovely plans they had made of houses and buildings of flats, using rulers, pencils, and cardboard. Together, we designed a hotel building on the floor, using paper tape. The kids decided how many apartments there were going to be, and each apartment had a number. We took turns rolling the dice, so that whoever was at the first apartment on the first floor could get to the top!

Grand Finale

Without a doubt, the most exciting part of the week was the Grand Finale, which came on Friday. Inspired by Disney Pixar’s Up, we had kids cut out cardboard paper houses, colour them however they liked (we even numbered the doors), add something to each house (Some kids added a cat by the window; others drew in a dog behind the bush!), and line them up to make a street!

Everybody presented the house they had created, and then we attached helium-filled balloons to each one, before setting them free towards the ceiling.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful garden we are free to play in and use, so we went out to let some of the kids send their flying houses up into the sunny and cloudless Plovdiv sky.

Up, up and away!

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