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With a bank of over 1,300 resources to cover primary and secondary teaching across the curriculum and covering a range of topics including science, geography, history and mathematics, onestopclil combines curriculum subjects with language learning for resources to make the best of both worlds.

Explore the experimental world of CLIL, with interactive animations, illustrations and wordlists to provide a comprehensive overview of key topics. Young learners will love our vibrant selection of activities, puzzles and projects. And if you’re teaching with an IWB or just looking to inject a bit of game-play into your lessons, why not take a tour of our Top Trumps series?

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Keith's CLIL Picks


Mathematical dominoes

To review numbers 1 - 20 and the alphabet.


Help your pupils learn key mathematical concepts by applying them to their own daily activities with this selection of fun and engaging worksheets. Each worksheet comes with a set of clear and comprehensive teacher's notes providing guidance and ideas for extension activities.

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What's new this month

Brand-new materials for August on onestopclil

Keith's Corner: Entry 13: Maths and pre-school

In his thirteenth diary entry, Keith’s young learners explore the theme of maths by looking at clocks, nature and apples!

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