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Young learner games: Where are Grandma's glasses

Level: Starter/beginner, Elementary Type: Game, Teaching notes, Worksheet Print material

A game that helps students say where things are.

  • Age: Primary (6–11)
  • Language aim: To say where things are
  • Time: 20–25 minutes
  • Student grouping: Groups of four
  • Materials: One copy of Worksheet 1 per student plus an extra one for the class, which should be enlarged if possible; one copy of Worksheet 2 (cut up); small pictures of objects (see Preparation)
  • Language focus: They aren’t in/on/under … a chair, a cupboard, the toilet, the bath, a table, the sofa, the television, the bed, the cooker, the living room, the bathroom, the vase, the DVD player, the bedroom, the fridge, the sink, the armchair, the wardrobe, the telephone, the lamp.
  • Aim of the game: To find out where grandma’s glasses are by collating information and gradually eliminating different parts of the house

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