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Level: Elementary Type: Flashcard, Worksheet

Flashcards to print and play a game of ‘Can you touch?’ with your young learners.


The flashcard/worksheets attached below can be used in multiple ways.  Use them to drill vocabulary with your elementary learners and then play a game of ‘Can you touch?’ with the last student to touch the correct part of their body becoming ‘out’.  This is along the same lines as ’Simon says’ (or ‘Teacher says’!).

Song: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Language: Parts of the body

Materials needed: Video/audio of the song ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’

Preparation: If there is space, get all the children to stand in a circle.

1. While singing the basic version of the song, the children touch the appropriate parts of their bodies as they sing.

2. One child touches different parts of their body in time to the music. The other children sing whichever part they touch. It works well if this is done slowly at first, and then becomes faster and faster as the children get better at it. To avoid embarrassment, with some classes it is better if the teacher takes the lead in this activity. This is also usually better for introducing new vocabulary.

Game: Can you touch …?

Materials needed: All three ’Can you touch?’ worksheets (see below) cut out. One set per group.

Preparation: If there are more than ten children, divide them into smaller groups.

1. The children can either play the game individually or in teams. Shuffle the cards and put half in one pile and half in another.

2. The children take turns to take the top card from each pile. They then have to try and touch the part of the body written on one card with the part of the body written on the other card. Some of the combinations are easy, some might be possible and some are obviously impossible. They get one point for each success.


  • The cards can be used in combination with another game (e.g. when playing any board game, they could pick up a card from each pile when they land on certain squares).
  • You could make an alternative pile of cards with things in the room which have to be touched, so the instructions become things like, touch the table with your ear.

Exercise: Bodies

The children draw a monster, an alien and a ghost, give them names and label their body parts.


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