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The fantastic fortune teller game

Level: Starter/beginner, Elementary Type: Game

A fun game for children which helps with the teaching of animal names and numbers.

A great game for children. Just download the file then follow the instructions below. The first set of instructions are for making the fortune teller, the second are for playing the game. Enjoy! The fortune teller helps with the teaching of animal names and numbers. Follow these simple instructions to make your fortune teller. You can ask the children to colour in the animals.

Print out the fortune teller. Cut round the thick dark line to make a square.
Fold along all the lines then reopen them.
Turn your fortune teller over, and fold each corner into the centre.
Turn it over again, so that you can read the fortunes and fold each corner into the centre.
Fold in half horizontally.
How to use your fortune teller
  • Insert the thumb and forefinger of each hand into the four pockets of the fortune teller. Bring your fingers together.
  • Pull your fingers from one hand away from the fingers on your other hand, you will see one set of numbers on the inside of the fortune teller. If you pull your thumbs toward you and your forefingers away from you you will see another set of numbers on the inside.
  • Start with the fortune teller closed.
  • Ask a friend to pick one of the animals then open the fortune teller forward and backwards as you spell out the animal chosen.
  • Next, ask your friend to pick one of the numbers that show inside and open the fortune teller that many times.
  • Finally ask your friend to pick one more number from the numbers inside and open the flap for that number.
  • Read them their fortune and their lucky number!
  • The fortunes have some difficult English phrases. We suggest that teachers translate these for the children.


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