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Needs analysis: Part 3

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Needs analysis: how to carry it out in the classroom.

There are two times needs analysis can be done, with various advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Before class
  2. During the first class

Before class

This can be done by giving them a form to fill in or by asking them questions in the level test and making notes to be passed onto the future teacher

During class

The method depends on the situation:

  • In one-to-one classes, you can simply ask them the questions and write down the answers. For this, a reminder list of possible questions and a form to write the answers down on are useful (see below). 
  • In group classes, they can ask each other questions about themselves and the language, or they can negotiate priorities or even the syllabus together.
  • To ask each other the questions, the teacher will need to give them some help by brainstorming some categories of questions, such as the question words brainstorm above. They will then need a format to write them down on (see Interview Form). Negotiating a syllabus can be done by giving them a list of things to prioritise by importance/usefulness, and then ask them to agree together on those priorities in ever larger groups (a pyramid ranking debate - see Lesson Plan below).

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