Number one for English language teachers

First lessons: Lesson plans

A set of lesson plans and worksheets for use in first lessons in business English.

As you look at the lesson plan and worksheets, use the wish list grid to tick off the points on the ‘Wish list’ you think they achieve. Does the number of ticks really denote a good lesson?

Further suggestions

  • Depending on the materials used, the materials and lesson plan provided here seem to cover all the points down to number 21 (learn something about how to study English).
  • This point could be added by providing students with a language reference section on numbers or tenses to check their answers against before going through it as a class.
  • Tips on self-study (22) could be added simply by telling the students where these language reference sections came from and where they can buy the book.
  • Homework (25) could be practice exercises from the same or a similar book. Perhaps what the lesson most lacks is texts relevant to the students (26 and 27), although this is difficult to arrange in advance if no needs analysis has been done.
  • With the appropriate knowledge of your students you might start work on numbers with a genuine text (e.g. from the Financial Times/ Wall Street Journal) or work on the tenses with general knowledge questions on their field (easy to find with an internet search).

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