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With hundreds of specialized resources dedicated to the world of work, onestopenglish has all you need to help you develop your students' business skills while keeping your classes engaging and thought-provoking.

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In this section you'll find materials and lesson plans to get your students prepared for real work scenarios and introduce them to business-related language and grammar, as well as tips and ideas on a range of teaching techniques used in business English classes. And, if you need to keep your lessons topical, our Business Spotlight series provides the perfect solution: based on articles from Business Spotlight, it covers a range of stimulating professional topics, from honesty in job interviews to the challenges of self-employment – and we add a new one every month!

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Business Spotlight: An impossible dream?

This lesson, which is based on an article from Business Spotlight, focuses on the American Dream and life in the USA. Students can study a text about the American Dream, discuss whether they would consider moving to the US, and complete fact files about the US and their own country.

More Business Spotlight news lessons

This month it's all about problems and advice.

Business Basics: Making suggestions

In this lesson by Rosemary Richey, students practise describing a colleague’s difficult behaviour and making suggestions on how to deal with it. Exercises include: listing positive and negative adjectives, writing action points and a role-play dealing with problems at work.

Business: Workplace dilemma

Mandeep Locham’s winning lesson is a modern, interactive method of practising the imperative and common phrasal verbs used in business.

Is it ever OK to lie in a job interview?

In this lesson, which is based on two articles from Business Spotlight magazine, a former recruitment director and a director of a top employment website offer differing views on whether candidates should lie in job interviews. Teacher's notes cover strategies for staging complicated tasks. Student activities include summarizing the text and writing and answering comprehension questions.

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