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Creating a CV

It is impossible to overstate the importance of creating a good CV. After all, your CV is, in theory, your passport to a job – a new job, a better job, a more rewarding job, a more stimulating job. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

CV hot tips

About to apply for a new teaching post? Adrian Underhill gives some essential tips on creating a winning CV.

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Lesson Share

Our Lesson Share competition has launched several successful writing careers. Why not raise your profile by being published on onestopenglish?

Making proposals to ELT publishers

You want to break into materials writing for ELT, but you have no contacts. One way to get your name and materials known is to send an unsolicited proposal to an ELT publisher. This can show what your ideas about teaching and learning are and what a great writer of classroom materials you are. This article aims to give some help in organizing unsolicited proposals.

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Teaching around the world

Be inspired with these tales of teaching English around the world

South Korea: From Nova Scotia to South Korea in 14 hours

Arlene Lahey bites the bullet and has no regrets as she changes her career to move halfway around the world.

Class report from the Refugee Council

Elizabeth Gowans talks about the challenges and rewards of teaching students at the Refugee Council in Hounslow, south-west London, in this absorbing class report.

Class report from North Korea

Chris Hunter talks about a lesson without a plan and life with limited technology in this fascinating class report from North Korea.

Diary from Bhutan: The first month

When Stephanie Earnshaw told us she was going to be teaching as a volunteer at the monastic school in Nalanda, as well as taking up a number of other teaching positions, we couldn't resist hearing more about teaching in the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan. Here, she shares her first impressions.

Class report from Verona

Sharon Hartle shares her experiences on teaching very large classes in Verona, Italy, and the challenges of keeping students motivated in this class report.


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